🙌 All-hands

Purpose: Communicate directly to all employees at the same time.
Frequency: Monthly



All-hands meetings, also known as Town Hall meetings, are a way for company management to meet and connect with all their employees. Typically, company town hall meetings are hosted by a member of upper management, either a CEO or a country/regional manager and are attended by all employees in a large conference room. Town Hall meetings are a critical part of engaging employees. But they have changed a lot. While being originally a platform for the management to reach out to the company, they now take on more interactive elements to promote two-way conversations between managers and employees.

All-hands is the format where your company addresses all employees at once. This option makes meetings easier to organize than ever before. People are invited to the dedicated channel at a specific time. The only variable is the place, because everybody can join through the mobile app. This gives people flexibility to listen to the important company communications, but also not miss out on other things they left pending. The “All-hands” option allows people to do multitasking, and listen while commuting, exercising or doing something around the house. At Townhall we provide state of the art audio transmission, so everyone will enjoy listening.