🚀 Innovation Hub

Purpose: Provide a space for colleagues to share on their experiments.
Frequency: Weekly



Innovation hubs aim to discover or create innovative technology solutions for companies to help them in a variety of ways, such as competing in a new market, acquiring customers at lower costs, a patent that the company files or developing new tools to do work more efficiently. In addition, they are a great opportunity to partner and experiment with other companies, without the constraints and distractions of the day-to-day business.

The idea behind innovation hubs is to provide kind of a safe space for people to experiment, make mistakes and explore new ideas. Moreover, they are vital places to foster ideas, collaborate, and learn fast, and therefore accelerate growth for employees and indirectly for the company.

At Townhall we believe that giving your squad a space for expression and inspiration is a great way to be connected to the company’s direction and development. That often leads to people opening up and adding their own contribution.