🔎 Knowledge Hub

Purpose: Knowledge sharing by experts in a moderated environment.
Frequency: Every two weeks



Knowledge sharing promotes the healthy, sustainable growth of modern businesses, regardless of industries. There are different ways prioritizing knowledge sharing can help keep any organization successful and thriving.

Research has found that practicing a skill is a more effective technique than simple theoretical learning. So while a best practices document might be a good thing to have on hand, knowledge sharing is most effectively done among colleagues rather than between one worker and a wiki that might be out of date or missing crucial tacit knowledge that’s difficult to store in a database.

A healthy knowledge sharing culture is, in a way, employee retention insurance. Studies worldwide have shown that knowledge sharing initiatives, encouraged by a culture of learning and collaboration can naturally boost overall employee productivity. When employees can tap into a knowledge sharing culture, they are less likely to encounter bottlenecks and are more likely to productively collaborate and think innovatively. This can all lead to the creation of new customer solutions or product offerings, keeping your organization competitive and successful.