🤓 Lunch & Learn

Purpose: Support sharing of information as an inspiration and a tool for growth.
Frequency: Weekly



These informal training or development sessions take place while enjoying the lunch break, and each session typically lasts for between 30 to 45 minutes. Because they take place during lunch, they are generally voluntary and have a less formal atmosphere than a structured training session or seminar.

A lunch and learn session is an opportunity for co-workers from different teams to meet and share their skills and expertise. It could be a one-off session, where your new business manager outlines your company's sales strategy, as an example. Or it could be a course that takes place over several weeks, such as your development team teaching the basics of coding.

But lunch and learns don't have to focus on your core business activities. They can also offer a great platform to promote life skills like physical fitness or well-being, to publicize volunteering opportunities or your organization's charity work, or to engage with outside experts, for example.

Because they are optional, lunch and learn events are not suitable for mandatory legal training, for teaching essential core skills, or for sharing important information company-wide. That’s why we conceived two different learning formats and have the knowledge hub as well.

The original idea of lunch and learn events was that the management would organize regular events, where generally food was paid by the company, as a way to keep employees engaged. The drawback for a physical lunch and learn is that they rule out remote workers and those who work part-time, and this can make these colleagues feel isolated or excluded. With Townhall, this session transforms into an instrument of inclusion.

If the company has a significant number of employees who work from home and in the same time care for small children or are on parental leave, then they can also participate, because usually these sessions overlap the lunch and sleeping time of young kids.