👋 Newbies

Purpose: Introduction of new employees and fast integration of them into the team.
Frequency: Monthly or even weekly (depending on company size)



The first day at a new job can be nerve-racking and overwhelming. Between meetings, training sessions, and paperwork that needs to be filled out – there’s a lot for new hires to process. If you’re a stakeholder in the onboarding process, you need to help newcomers feel more confident and prepared. One of the best instruments for doing so is the newbie dedicated format. While workplace communication statistics say that 60% of employees don’t read emails from HR, having a dedicated presentation space makes a difference, which demonstrates their significance for company culture.

It’s an opportunity to introduce new employees to their future co-workers and establish a connection ahead of time. This helps new hires not only feel prepared for their first day on the job, but like they’re an accepted part of the team, too. All of this helps lay the foundation for a successful and effective onboarding process. At Townhall it´s time to rise and shine for Newbies!