✍ Survey & Poll

Purpose: Measure satisfaction and well-being in real-time.
Frequency: Weekly



Surveys and polls are very important to provide information about the general opinion or satisfaction of employees, but the never-ending questioners in traditional employee surveys performed twice a year are disliked both by the people who complete them and by people that need to analyses the data. That's why the trend in HR and internal communications has moved towards spot polls and pulse surveys — short, more frequent snapshots of mood and sentiment that provide head office, managers and employees alike with real-time actionable insights that can help them to improve their own and the organization's performance.

Asking for someone's opinions makes them feel recognized and valued as an employee. It also provides the business with ideas and perspective that might be lacking in head office, compared to the grass root data that can be gathered from departments, for example. Tapping into this is the ultimate win-win situation.

Using employee polls and surveys in your company may seem more centered on fun than function, however, employee polls and surveys provide a tool where people can easily engage with and give their opinion, without taking time from their general activities and therefore generating unnecessary distraction.

At Townhall this gives you the ability to set up a short poll and share it on the timeline to gather information and feedback from the entire team or select groups. Polls support team building, two-way dialogue at scale, and enable you to collect feedback in real-time.